About Me

Norma J Orzel

Walking about in nature, with my camera, is where I find peace, joy and wonder.  It’s a time when I can lose myself and become completely absorbed in the remarkable world around me.  It’s a time when I can appreciate the shape of a leaf, the texture of a tree trunk, the rhythm of the ocean waves, the curve of a path, and the passage of time seen on an old building.  I love watching how the light plays with everything, casting highlights and shadows or simply displaying soft tones.

Most of my images are taken in Rhode Island, southeastern Massachusetts and southwest Florida.  The impetus for my photos is usually found within an hour or so from home.  I love looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary. I marvel at the mystery, fortitude, harmony and balance in nature, the impermanence and regeneration of life.

Since retirement, I’ve dedicated and immersed myself in photography and have developed my skills by studying with accomplished and inspiring photographers and artists.  As with most ventures in life, my photography will always be a work in progress as I continue my education in this wonderful and humbling endeavor.

I am happy to be showcasing my photos of scenes that have sparked a bit of awe in me.  It is my wish that my photos evoke an emotion in you. I hope they bring you a sense of peace and appreciation for the natural things we are all a part of.  We can all learn from watching nature as it exhibits resilience, tolerance, patience and the art of being.

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